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With over 30 years experience in Event credential products and branded clothing solutions.

Founded in February 2012 to assist event organisers with managing access control to their events successfully and professionally. We have over 30 years’ working experience of events both in Ireland and abroad. Our team have considerable, varied and relevant events experience having ourselves worked as concert promoters, promoter’s representatives, production managers etc. Our main focus is managing the operational risk for all types of events. To help you achieve this goal, we supply all necessary management, staff and security credentials (Including wristbands, lanyards and event passes).  We also sell wristbands and lanyards direct to the public.

As EventEase staff are usually the first point of contact for patrons and clients at your event, EventEase guarantees at all times to represent your best interests. No matter who we are dealing with.

Over the years we have observed when mistakes have been made at events. We find using reflective practise, and undertaking to constantly improve our operations benefits all concerned in the long term. Our objective is to take the headache and heartache out of managing events. These include events of of all sizes and types. Which we have completed professionally and successfully on many occassions including festivals, concerts, sporting & civic events and conferences.

Neil Dowling, Managing Director

Neil Dowling

Neil has significant experience across all areas of events including promotion, production and pre planning of large scale events.

With Eventease Neil provides professional management of event access and security credentials, consultancy and staff for events, festivals, and venues.

Neil specializes in guest list management, box office management, wristband inventory control, ticket scanning and entrance management and managing professional teams to carry out these duties successfully. EventEase are a major supplier of event credentials of all types including secure wristbands (inc RFID) branded Lanyards and passes to both trade and public. Eventease also supply branded promotional and workwear.

Neil is always pursuing further strategic and business partnerships and is open to discussion on forming new partnerships.

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EventEase is one of the top event credential management firms. We help your events run smoothly by ensuring fast, efficient and secure access to your event areas.

We makes long-term investments in top-quality supplier relationships so we can provide what you want, whenever you need it.

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